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PCTI - Dow Surges Over 200 Points; Empire State Manufacturing Index Falls In October | Benzinga

U.S. stocks traded higher this morning, with the Dow Jones index gaining more than 200 points on Monday.

The Dow traded up 0.72% to 33,913.22 while the NASDAQ rose 0.46% to 13,468.82. The S&P 500 also rose, gaining, 0.60% to 4,353.60.

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Leading and Lagging Sectors


Energy shares climbed by 1.1% on Friday.

In trading on Friday, information technology shares rose by just 0.2%.


Top Headline


The NY Empire State Manufacturing Index declined to -4.6 in October from 1.9 in the prior month, compared to market estimates for a reading of -7.


Equities Trading UP


LQR House Inc. (NASDAQ: LQR) shares shot up 76% to $0.3030. LQR House announced that through its custom marketing campaign and strategic efforts, Von Payne Whiskey is now displayed on the shelves of the retail giant, Costco.

Shares of PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCTI) got a boost, shooting 47% to $6.86. On Friday, Amphenol Corp (NYSE: APH) inked a deal to ...

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Stock Information

Company Name: PCTEL Inc.
Stock Symbol: PCTI
Market: NASDAQ


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