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PHUN - Gold Moves Lower; Phunware Shares Plummet | Benzinga

U.S. stocks traded lower midway through trading, with the Nasdaq Composite falling more than 100 points on Wednesday.

The Dow traded down 0.04% to 37,345.91 while the NASDAQ fell 0.86% to 14,815.87. The S&P 500 also fell, dropping, 0.47% to 4,743.45.

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Leading and Lagging Sectos


Health care shares rose by 0.2% on Wednesday.

In trading on Wednesday, real estate shares fell by 1.2%.


Top Headline


U.S. industrial production rose by 0.1% from the prior month in December.


Equities Trading UP


Airspan Networks Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: MIMO) shares shot up 339% to $0.3368. Airspan announced a partnership with GCT Semiconductor to develop an RF module.

Shares of LQR House Inc. (NASDAQ: LQR) got a boost, surging 30% to $2.6199 after dipping 45% on Tuesday. LQR House announced an increase of its share buyback program to $5 million.

Atreca, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCEL) shares were also up, gaining 22% ...

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Stock Information

Company Name: Phunware Inc.
Stock Symbol: PHUN
Market: NASDAQ


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