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BROE - Baron FinTech Fund Q1 2024 Shareholder Letter

2024-05-15 05:25:00 ET


  • Baron is an asset management firm focused on delivering growth equity investment solutions known for a long-term, fundamental, active approach to growth investing.
  • Baron FinTech Fund outperformed the FactSet Global FinTech Index in Q1 2024, rising 6.33% compared to the index's 3.60% gain.
  • The Fund's top contributors to performance were stocks in the Tech-Enabled Financials and Payments themes.
  • The Fund's holdings are divided into seven investment themes, with Tech-Enabled Financials representing the largest allocation.

Dear Baron FinTech Fund Shareholder:


In the quarter ended March 31, 2024, Baron FinTech Fund ( BFIIX , the Fund) rose 6.33% (Institutional Shares) compared with a 3.60% gain for the FactSet Global FinTech Index (the Benchmark). Since inception, the Fund has risen at a 10.58% annualized rate compared with 2.27% for the Benchmark....

For further details see:

Baron FinTech Fund Q1 2024 Shareholder Letter
Stock Information

Company Name: Baron Energy Inc
Stock Symbol: BROE
Market: OTC


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