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UGI - Suburban Propane's 40% Gain In 6 Months Needs Cautious Watching

2024-02-14 07:01:34 ET


  • Suburban Propane has outperformed the S&P 500 in the past six months, gaining close to 40%.
  • Institutional buying and a major ETF's purchase have contributed to the stock's appreciation.
  • The company's pattern of performing well in January and selling off in February and March suggests waiting to see if the increase is sustained.
  • Propane's cleaner energy footprint, as well as the company's investment in renewable natural gas, renewable propane, and other green energy companies, has attracted interest and contributed to the price increase.
  • The MLP's distribution has been paid for 27 years, but not without cuts along the way that have made it more secure going forward.


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Suburban Propane's 40% Gain In 6 Months Needs Cautious Watching
Stock Information

Company Name: UGI Corporation
Stock Symbol: UGI
Market: NYSE


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