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WOR - Worthington Industries: Valuation Re-Rating Completed Post Separation

2024-03-25 16:00:00 ET


  • Worthington Industries' shares have risen 30% since separating from Worthington Steel, creating value for investors.
  • As an undervalued and stable business, it has seen a re-rating in a tougher year from a sales perspective.
  • Following the re-rating, I am taking profits on part of my position here.

When Worthington Industries ( WOR ) separated itself from its daughter company Worthington Steel ( WS ) in December of last year, I believed that real value was unlocked for the former parent company....

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Worthington Industries: Valuation Re-Rating Completed Post Separation
Stock Information

Company Name: Worthington Industries Inc.
Stock Symbol: WOR
Market: NYSE


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